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    Surface Water Run Off

    Many construction projects nowadays will have a requirement to mitigate surface water run-off and reduce the risk of flooding, there are many options to ensure the construction projects meets the requirements of planning around the country,

     we can provide Surface Water Run-off calculations and flood risk assessments in partnership with qualified hydrologists and hydro-geologists, we can also provide calculations to show what SUD's systems will work best on a particular site, there is a good chance that the planning department you are working under will now ask for proof of SUD's (Sustainable Urban Drainage) being used on the site to mitigate surface water run-off from roofs and paved areas.

    'Surface water' is another word for rainwater – more specifically, rainwater that falls on the ground, on roofs and roads, pavements and paths. And you might not realise it, but you could be paying less for your water bills if surface water from your property doesn't drain into a sewer.

    First things first, though – how exactly do we define 'surface water'? Well, we describe it as water that falls as rain, is collected by drains and gullies on your property, before being removed via a public sewer. So, you could be entitled to a reduction in your water bills if:

    • All the surface water from your roof or shared roof drains directly to the ground via a soak-away (a means of draining away water through the ground) at both the front or rear of your property and
    • All the surface water from your garden or hard standing areas (e.g. drive, patio or yard) drains directly to the ground or
    • All the surface water from your property drains directly into a watercourse, brook or stream or
    • You pay a third party (e.g. British Waterways) to dispose of your surface water

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